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Cool roofing repair solutions reflects and emits the sun’s energy as light back to the sky instead of allowing it to enter the building below as heat.

We’ve been replacing rooftops for South Florida homeowners for many years. Our team is more than confident that we can replace your roof at an affordable rate so that you don’t break the bank. When it comes to investing in roof replacement, most people think of it as a significant return on investment. If you have any roof damage, it could lead to other damages down the line including water damage and rodent infestation due to specific roof damages.

Switching Roofs

Roof Services We Offer

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Shingle roofs are one of the most popular roofing materials on the market today. They're versatile and affordable, with a broad selection of textures, colors, and styles for homeowners to choose from. they also help protect your home against weather and water damage. With Shingle Roof you can create a unique combination that complements your home and builds on its structure.



Flat roofs are a unique architectural style for their lack of slope and large buildings. They also work well on small structures like houses, but they have a more modern look to them. Flat roofs make sense for the long-term because they’re built with high-quality materials that protect the interiority of the structure from intense heat and prolonged cold.



Tile roofs are most traditional,  Besides being aesthetically pleasing, the pattern of concrete tiles overlapping is a well-designed structural feature. They're designed mainly to keep out rain, Tile roofs have proven to be the most durable in the face of forceful storms. Tile roofs are made from the newer technologies concrete or clay.



Roof coatings from Gaco are among the best roof coatings on the market. In spite of the silicone-based coatings' durability, there will be wear and tear in some areas if damaged. In South Florida, damage to the coating can occur during stormy seasons - these damaged areas will simply need to be recoated, but overall, the coatings last much longer than other coatings. 

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If you're looking for a roof that will last as long as your house, it's time to consider a metal roof. Metal roofs are naturally impermeable and proven to withstand harsh weather conditions. They save homeowners money on their energy bills, and they look great too!


Solar Roof

Solar Roof offers you the opportunity to take advantage of the 26% tax credit, as well as energy-saving options like solar roof and solar panel-based products for your home or commercial properties.

You know when your roof needs a replacement. Don't wait for it to get worse, contact us now. We've been replacing rooftops for South Florida homeowners for many years.

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